When we are younger we think of ‘homework’

as schoolwork completed in our time. 

As we get older we are constantly told

to ‘do our homework‘ with regards to

housing loans and any or all manner of things.

When it comes to telecommunications

I am a bit like this phone box….almost obsolete!

I do own a mobile/cell phone,

however, it is probably as old as

the phone box relatively speaking.

Earlier this week I decided to upgrade.

What a nightmare! 

All retailers want to do is get me to buy an expensive plan.

And what has set out as a simple upgrade

with a $600ish budget has turned into an exercise

where the phone I like the most,

that is, it has a larger screen,

(to cater for my hands and fingers)

is three times my initial budget. 

That has been my homework for the week! 

At least my answer/decision is not going

to get me an A, B, or C, however, it may

get me ‘the look’ from MGW!  😀


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Lookout duty at Melbourne Zoo

Is that me or my twin?

One of the few Wedge Tail Eagle photos I have.

I see plenty, but photograph few.

So re-posts, it is.