February 2016 I stood on a pair of glasses

and decided to just have them re-lensed.

Not so fast the optometrist said,

and sent me packing to an ophthalmologist,

who had a mate he sent me to,

who had a mate to send me to

who finally sent me to the

Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne. 

You have a A-typical  mmelanoma on your retina

I was told. 

I was given three options:

1. Radiation…may damage your eyesight. 

2…Biopsy…may damage your eyesight.   

3.  Best thing to do is remove your eye

(apparently that would not damage my eyesight :-). 

But it would leave me with an empty orbit in my head.   

Not the ideal result, but better than the alternative. 

More tests and guess what? 

I did not have a melanoma in my eye,

but must have had one just starting

to grow on the bridge of my nose and eyelid. 

It was removed about a month ago.

So as ugly as this looks,

melanoma is removed,

orbit still with original occupant and

skin graft looking good.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Orbit


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