February 2016 I stood on a pair of glasses

and decided to just have them re-lensed.

Not so fast the optometrist said,

and sent me packing to an ophthalmologist,

who had a mate he sent me to,

who had a mate to send me to

who finally sent me to the

Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne. 

You have a A-typical  mmelanoma on your retina

I was told. 

I was given three options:

1. Radiation…may damage your eyesight. 

2…Biopsy…may damage your eyesight.   

3.  Best thing to do is remove your eye

(apparently that would not damage my eyesight :-). 

But it would leave me with an empty orbit in my head.   

Not the ideal result, but better than the alternative. 

More tests and guess what? 

I did not have a melanoma in my eye,

but must have had one just starting

to grow on the bridge of my nose and eyelid. 

It was removed about a month ago.

So as ugly as this looks,

melanoma is removed,

orbit still with original occupant and

skin graft looking good.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Orbit





Al though I don’t actually remember this bloke…

…I do have photos of Rome’s Inviolable Man.

Can also be found YouTube if you would

like to see him in action.



Melbourne’s Human Statue made me wonder

upon first sighting him.

I was so busy trying to take ‘modest’ shots of this

young, flexible lady that I did not notice two things

until she was on my computer monitor.

First, she looks heavier in the photo than in real  life.

Second,  while I was trying to be demur,

the bloke in the background

appeared to be enjoying the show.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Unusual-Encounters