Next year we plan to be back in…

…South Africa and Botswana.


It will be our third trip and we hope to

see Meerkats in their natural habitat.

This one was guarding its territory

in the Melbourne Zoo.

These images will, I hope, thrill the rest of my extended

family who are also coming along for the ride.


While our first lion sighting was this pride,

on the shore of the Olifant River,

lion sightings were better later on.


We were about forty metres from

the action in my footer image.

After tiring of annoying mum,

the cubs came and watched us watching them

at a distance of around 20 feet.


Witsend-Weekly-PC- Places-To-Go


3 thoughts on “WitsEnd-Weekly-PC-Places-To-Go

    • We go for the animals. Our first visit we decided to have a few days in Perth (Western Australia) Which has been known to be a quiet town/city. I remember standing on a street corner and being deafen by traffic….then realised we had seen little or no traffic during thee previous two weeks. If you like animals, African wildlife, you won’t regret it. And after seeing and experiencing big groups on tour I would definitely recommend a small group Safari. The family company we travel with are all professional guides and make sure that everyone has an opportunity to view/photograph any wildlife sighted.

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