Five years ago we were readying ourselves

for our trip to Botswana.

To help with our budgeting

we agreed to ‘rustic’ accommodation.

Little did we know that our first night would

be spent in a hut which had a 12 inch gap

between the roof and walls.

The following night, while walls and roof met,

however the triangle above the front and back walls

was only filled in with chicken wire.

Our comfort, again was controlled by

chilly winds blowing in, through, or out. 😊

From there on we were in tents.

Warm and comfortable.

Upon reaching Chobe Resort…

…spent a few nights…

…in a level of comfort we…

…had not previously experienced

during this trip.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Comfort

4 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Comfort

  1. I’m not sure I would be comfortable in the first accommodation or the second. The last ones look very comfortable indeed! You did very well, thank you Doug. 🙂


    • I should have added that inside they were both good….except for a very cool breeze 😊…which probably have been wonderful a few weeks into October, however, in early September it was a bit chilly.

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      • Definitely. We sighted what our guides estimated to be 1,0000 elephants in our migration. As far as the eye could see….elephant families. If you love the African wildlife it is well worth a visit. However, unlike many other destinations where the attractions are ‘there’ day after day, we were always where the lions were ….yesterday. So no lions on our Botswana trip 🙂

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