In 2014 while visiting Botswana we

came upon (during a side trip)

this fisherman standing too far

from the rock’s edge for my liking.

…but it does appear that he

does have a fish on his spear.

Widening the crop and he does appear

to be along way from the edge of the river.

Another crop and it’s not just running water

he needs to be aware of.


I added an pointer so he would be clearly visible…

fishing close to the edge of


Victoria falls.






I’m not sure if I have this week’s

‘overlay’ theme down pat.

The original image taken at 0220 this morning (Monday)

It had been raining steadily all night

and our backyard was flooding again.

With a simple colour invert filter applied.



This was my first effort.

I think I used an auto-tone filter

before inverting the colours.




Book Review-Upside-Down-Inside-Out

Upside Down, Inside Out


Monica McInerney

My first Monica McInerney book set in Ireland and Australia and features Eva and Joe both on holiday, in Australia, from their normal lives as a hospitality worker and industrial designer respectively.

Both have assumed slightly different identities while down under. Eva due to a mischievous friend has become ‘Neve’, an artist, sculptor and vocalist on some of Enya’s songs, no less.   While Joe, who owns Wheeler Designs has assumed the role of a broke back packer while he does some research into a new back pack design.  In these guises Eva and Joe meet, romance blooms and the time never seems quite right to tell the truth.

Upside Down, inside out was a very enjoyable story.   It was well paced and never once did I feel overwhelmed with superfluous details.   However, many times was I wishing they would just reveal their true identities to each other.


Narrator, Melissa Eccleston made this eleven hour novel pass in no time at all. Her character voices were excellent, in my opinion.  Melissa has definitely made it to my preferred narrators list.

Definitely a four star read and I am looking forward to more of Monica McInerney’s novels in the not too distant future.

At the time of writing my review other Goodreads readers had rated Upside Down, Inside Out an average of 3.71 stars from 1,979 ratings and 154 reviews.

I think

Upside Down, Inside Out

is definitely a


At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

Upside Down, Inside Out

 an average of 3.71 stars from

1,979 ratings and 154 reviews

Upside Down, Inside Out

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon