Every now and again…

…I find myself thinking…

…wistfully about life on the farm.

Then I remember all the hard physical work.

Constantly feeding livestock in hot or cold weather.

Worrying about/checking freshly shorn sheep,

after dark/before dawn,

when weather turned unexpectedly cold.

Working in muddy or dusty sheep yards.

How exposure to the sun,

jumping and running around woolshed,

while at the time felt good,

have all contributed to aching joints

and skin problems of the past few years.

And one thing I will never forget is the day

I stopped at three different places in one paddock

and counted 30 lambs, at each stop,

which died at birth as a result of their breed

and a bitterly cold week of weather while

the ewes were lambing.

From approximately 330 ewes in that paddock.

That year I only managed to shear

around 150 lambs from that paddock.

Simply heart breaking.

Then my nostalgia vanishes…

for another few months.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Nostalgia


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