’Cee’s Fun Foto challenge’

provided people for

this week’s

Weekly Prompts-People


Business in Salzburg.


Rain tumbled down while

we were visiting Pompeii.



Brugge harpist.

Sheltering from Murano rain.

People gathered around

the statue of mathematician Simon Stevin.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  People

7 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-People

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  2. Thank you for linking to Weekly Prompts with our photo challenge People. You introduced the challenge as Cee’s, Did Cee do a ‘People’ challenge as well? I love your photos, especially the Murano one ‘Sheltering from the rain’ so colourful and the rain shining on the ground is a bonus. 🙂


    • Hi Sue, Cee’s challenge, this week, was ‘feet and legs’. Some of my ‘feet and legs’ images were cropped from the photos in the ‘people’ challenge. I have edited the introduction to the ‘People’ challenge to make the link clearer. There is also a link between both of my posts this

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      • Now I understand, thank you. This coming Saturday we had planned the photo challenge Pink as our monthly colour challenge and had everything written and scheduled, but then had to drop it when RDP published Pink this past Saturday! I wondered if it had happened again. Too many of us offering challenges perhaps. Bring back WP daily prompts! Thank you Doug.


      • RDP? If I were you I would still go with pink, when you planned or in the near future. I do find many challenges overlap…offering the same challenge within days…but that creates another challenge for participants, to either re-post old photos or new ones. As for the number of challenges it does give us more options. 🙂

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      • RDP (ragtag Daily prompt) that’s the ragtag community, an all women’s group, but not to be confused with the women’s institute 😀 seven ladies with each of them posting one challenge each, they post daily. I occasionally do theirs and also Fandango’s.

        We’ve put Pink on hold for now and have prepared another colour for this Saturday.
        You’re right it does give more choices when there are more challenges. I think the fun challenge for many has become how many challenges can they address in one post! 🙂


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