We were told upon entering Amsterdam,

that ‘red lights are only a suggestion’…

that a driver stop.

On this corner opposite the Amsterdam Station

we gathered as instructed by our Tour Director.

For some reason MGW decided

to cross the road.

She had a green light.

However, I could see a motor scooter

approaching with no sign of slowing,

through a red light on

a collision course with MGW.

My farmers lungs were able to warn her

of the danger and avoid an early end to our holiday.

Farmers lungs??

They are developed when your dog decides

it knew better than its human and began driving

a mob of sheep in a direction

not wanted in reality.



7 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Danger

  1. The bicycle traffic is crazy in Amsterdam! And they travel so fast! One summer, we biked in the city and survived…. 🙂 🙂 Glad you could use those farmer’s lungs to help out!


    • Could agree more regarding bicycle traffic and speed. Glad you survived the experience. Wouldn’t be something I would take on in a hurry…although would love to return to some of those places and take in the city/town without being herded around.

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      • You’re welcome, WM. We’ve been renting from them since we started our itinerant lifestyle 18 months ago. It’s worked out very well. Just read the reviews carefully to make sure you’re fully aware of any negatives.


    • It was. I think I have an image of a young woman riding a bike, talking on a phone and (maybe) a baby on her back. All while she was approaching that corner. Yes, rules/laws are different in other countries.

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