Be Forewarned:

Some may not like these images.

With my mask last Wednesday.

Without it I was looking good.

By Thursday morning….not looking quite so good

Today, Monday, I cannot get back for

tomorrow’s appointment quickly enough.

MGW says I would scare animals and

small children at the moment.



17 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk188-Mask

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  2. Owie!

    Oddly, I am delighted to see these images. As painful as they are — both to see and, I imagine, to be the subject of — they represent a stage of healing on the way to full recovery. A no doubt tricky and ultimately successful operation.

    So very glad to learn you’re on the mend.


    • Thank you. Doctor is positive. Although he does want to chop another piece from my nose to gain ‘clearance’ when this heals. And without that ugly dressing it feels much better. 🙂


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