6 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Squares-Circles

    • Thank you for your kind words. Probably never showed this side of me here because something I call abstract, arty, has never been received very well by others. I’m sure I could still have nightmares about my secondary school art classes if I wanted. 😉

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      • I find there’s a fine line between the power of a good, SOOC photograph and taking it to an ‘artsy realm’ without losing touch with the reality of the subject and using one’s imagination to create a wanted effect that can be more powerful than the original. I just recently learned about the power of simple editing to enhance a photo and enjoy playing with possibilities when the occasion arises. Too bad your audience has affected your creative side. 😦


      • I think my use of bright colours often goes against the grain of most people’s likes. I do enjoy fixing/editing my images slightly and often play around with nature photos to give them an abstract look.

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