Don’t Wake Up


Liz Lawler

Don’t Wake Up was my first Liz Lawler book and won’t be my last.  Set in and around a hospital and its staff, Don’t Wake Up is about an attack Dr Alex Taylor claims happened to her in her hospital’s car park.

Alex is a well-respected doctor who works in the emergency department.  However, her recount of what happened has her colleagues shaking their heads in disbelief.  The police, called in to investigate, generally feel the same.

The words ‘chilling’, ‘psychological’ and ‘thriller’ are used to describe Don’t Wake Up.  Chilling and psychological it is.  A thriller it is not; at least not by my (and Google’s) definition of the genre.  During the past twelve months I have reads quite a few books which proclaim thriller status, however, only one or two have been, by definition thrillers.  I believe Don’t Wake Up to be a very good mystery.

A thriller is one where the reader knows who the villain is very early on in the story.  The thrill of the story is generated by the main ‘good guys’ interaction with the villain while not knowing he/she is a villain.  Whereas a mystery is the opposite with the villain being revealed when caught at the conclusion of the book.  Quite often there will have been some bread crumbs, so small that they went unnoticed, regarding the villain’s identity.

I enjoyed Don’t Wake Up and look forward to listening to I’ll Find You, also by Liz Lawler.

Don’t Wake Up is narrated by Zara Ramm.  This was the first time I have heard Ms Ramm narrate a novel and she is definitely on my list of enjoyable narrators.

I will rate Don’t Wake Up as a four star novel which does include half a star for a debut novel.


I think

Don’t Wake Up

Don't Wake Up by Liz Lawler (9780062876133) - PaperBack - Crime Mystery & Thriller

is a solid


At the time of writing my review,

May 13, 2019, other

Goodreads readers have rated

Don’t Wake Up

an average of 4.05 stars

from 12,055 ratings and 760 reviews

Don’t Wake Up

can be purchased on-line at

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