Sadly, or otherwise,

I am now at a stage of my life…

…where I can say that these first two images

are two of the first wheels I remember.

Equally sadly I remember setting about wrecking

a buggy of this era about sixty years ago.

My guess is that this wheel belongs to what my Father

would have called a bullock dray.

Windmills, not quite like this one,

were the life line for or our livestock

during long hot, dry summers.

As Dad  and I each began to age, it was yours truly

that took the lead in climbing up the mill

to give it a regular grease and oil change.

For some reason it was always a windy day

and even with the mill cut back the wheel

would be turning at a dangerous speed

and would need stopping by hand.



I still remember Dad spending a day changing oil

and greasing all relevant bearing prior to

a 300 kilometre trip to Melbourne to visit relatives in the 1950s.

And when in 1977 I hopped into my first car

and drove 400-500 kilometres to work

without the said greasing of bearings,

he was amazed that I could do just that.


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