As both our new pups have now….

…passed their third birthday,

we are seeing less of this,


…more of this.

For three years we would just get Taji

out of a bad habit/behaviour.

As Candi is about three months younger,

the respite was brief lived,

before she would be doing exactly

the same thing that Taji had been.

Honestly, it was like tag team wrestling.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Respite


2 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Respite

    • Very miserable. Candi ‘disappeared’ (and was ‘found’ 30 km away on a 30 plus degree day at about 12 months old. She hates the heat and would not have covered that disiance on her own. Taji was very upset at the time. Was only when we realised that Candi had disappeared that we understood why she was behaving as she was.

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