As both our new pups have now….

…passed their third birthday,

we are seeing less of this,


…more of this.

For three years we would just get Taji

out of a bad habit/behaviour.

As Candi is about three months younger,

the respite was brief lived,

before she would be doing exactly

the same thing that Taji had been.

Honestly, it was like tag team wrestling.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Respite





…who need people…

If  only the iPad operators, in our group

stood this far back from the crowd,

instead of in front.

Will always remember these

two young ladies from Amsterdam.

After asking would they mind posing,

the girl on the left hit me for 5 Euro,

and kept straight face long enough

for mine to express the shock I felt,

before she burst out  laughing.

The villains 🙂


Mostly we have met…



or seen people helping others…

…in various ways.

Is the photographer helping

her model or vice versa?

The ‘shoot’ was for a tertiary

photography course.

Maybe they were studying

the same course.




Kiss Me, Kill Me


J. S. Carol


Kiss Me, Kill Me by J. S. Carol, had me hooked from the first few sentences and my wife ready to inflict serious damage on the male mentioned in those same few sentences.  Those infuriating sentences told of a husband telling his wife what to wear and eat among other things.

At this stage Kiss Me, Kill Me, had potential.  However, as the story progressed we soon were asking where is this story going?  On and on readers heard of Zoe’s life with Daniel and how she escaped.  But had she?  Escaped, that is?

Bodies mounted up left, right and centre and finally Zoe escaped.  But did she live happily ever after?  That’s for you to find out.

If we had split this story into first half, second half and to use the term loosely, epilogue, then cut the second half and tossed it away, it may have made a good short story.  As it was the ‘second half’ was a repeat of the first half in a different setting.   Out of the frying pan and into the fire, if you will.

I listened to Kiss Me, Kill Me and enjoyed Laurence Bouvard’s narration, but the storyline fell off a cliff.


I think

Kiss Me, Kill Me

is barely aread.

At the time of writing my review

Goodreads readers have rated

Kiss Me, Kill Me

an average of 3.68 stars,

from 364 ratings and 97 reviews.

Kiss Me, Kill Me

Kiss Me, Kill Me

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon