Rule of thirds.


Rule of thirds crop using Photoshop.

Our new cat Smudge.

He is talking to the dogs and MGW,

but does not want to know me.

Also taken through the kitchen window

and he is around 40-50 metres away.

Cropped with his nose on RoT

using Photoshop.

I like to break rules. 

The original.


But RoT broken…I think.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Rule-of-Thirds


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bridges


Bridges from all over.

Bridge over Rocky Mountaineer railway.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Auckland Harbour Bridge,

by day…


…and by night.

The remnants of Misery Creek Bridge.

Was in one piece until

the background tree fell on it.

A new bridge in Botswana’s

Okavango Delta.

One of my all time favourite bridges

from my school days.

The Bridge of Sighs.

Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge.

West Gate again.