Not From the Pub Wall…

But I did have a series of translation

errors come via Facebook

Translating from one language to another is

very difficult at the best of times. 

I once owned a European built tractor,

the owner’s manual of which advised me

not to operate if a little bit tipsy. 



French is my strength when it comes to a second language

and it has been a long time since I studied French.

I would love to know just what is written here. 

Could it be ‘Men at Work’??


If the image is yours my apologies for

not seeking permission to use it. 

It is on my Facebook feed so

I assume everyone has seen it.


Friday Follies19-04-S3-Ep-4

This challenge hosted by Proscenium




Still in Cambridge.

I’m afraid after botanical success early in the week,

recognising pansies…


I am back to botanic ignorance again today.

Although I think we do have a similar

edging plant as this white border.

Names eludes me totally.



The only thing I can say with certainty

is that these images are



New Zealand