ANZAC Spirit

(Australian & New Zealand Army Corps)

During my 2017 visit

to the World War I

Western Front Battlefields,

…I often saw this, but…



felt that someone was watching

over us as we toured.


April 25.



4 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Spirit

  1. Wow, perfect post for #spirit, Don! Your spirit image reminds me a little of the last scene in Star Wars (Ep 6?) where the spirits of Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Obiwan smiled as the crowd celebrated.


    • Must be honest Terri, I think I have only watched the first two or three of Star Wars. Life seemed to get in the way of the rest. At my younger Son’s suggestion I have tried, but couldn’t get into later offerings. The Western Front visit was something I will never forget though…heart breaking for all involved. We visited Prowse Point (from memory) , a site where one of the Christmas truce soccer games took place. So sad to hear that soldiers from both sides could play sport, however, when superior officers heard of it armies were ordered to commence hostilities again.

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