I don’t consider myself very creative so

may have missed the mark this week. 

I have tried to create an acceptable image

from one which was not!

And I have only focussed on light and shade

My favourite spot for sunrises.

A pre-sunup image and too dark.

Friday April 5, 2019

My first attempt finished up with

artificial looking water.

Take 2.

Sky is blue…not sure if it was.

And the foreground dull.

Take 3.

Water has picked up some colour and

it appears (to me) that the sky tones

are reflected in the water.

On to some abstracts.

A canola crop and although this

is only a similar photo…



…to this one.

I really like this version of

a canola crop and spider web.




Original…water of Corio Bay.

Then in the days of the WP Challenge

a CD cover was called for.

With MGW’s assistance

Desert Dreaming

came to life.


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ANZAC Spirit

(Australian & New Zealand Army Corps)

During my 2017 visit

to the World War I

Western Front Battlefields,

…I often saw this, but…



felt that someone was watching

over us as we toured.


April 25.