Before and After…April-1

Photo supplied by: Ryan Photography

Edited By: WoollyMuses

I had some minor difficulties downloading

so took a screenshot instead.


My editing simply consisted of colour enhancements.

Using Photoshop Elements 14 and its

Quick Selection tool

I selected the top half (sky) of the photo

and adjusted the lighting until

I had some colour in the sky.

Then I repeated the process with

the foreground (or bottom half) of the image.

My PS skills are limited and my edits will not be

much more than today’s edit.





After completing our tour of the

Hobbiton Movie Set

we made a relatively short (30 km) drive

over to Cambridge.

We had been told to look for English style architecture

We didn’t find what  we had in mind

however Cambridge (NZ)

is a pretty town/city.


Today…just some foliage images.



New Zealand