Reminiscent definition

If you say that one thing is reminiscent of another,

you mean that it reminds you of it.

Masaggie showed Taji at a very early age…

the best places for resting...


sleeping and….

how to sssstretch.

So when we see all these Maggie(isms)

we reminisce about Maggie.

Or do all Labradors behave like this.

We probably don’t want an answer to that question. 🙂

We see Taji doing things which Maggie did

and wonder did Maggie ‘teach’ Taji?

Or is it because Maggie and Taji were/are related?

We believe in the last option.

Maggie’s GGG and Taji’s GGGG were litter mates.

Small world?

One thing is for sure.

Maggie and Taji bonded almost immediately.

Maggie did not want to know

the little kelpie when she arrived.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Reminiscent


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