I’m starting with the old and ending

with the new this week.

I  love wildlife photography and was overjoyed

to see this Crimson Breasted Roller

on my computer screen.

Crimson Breasted Shrike

in Botswana.

In May, 1974 I did manage a tour of the

interior of Sydney’s Opera House. 

Fascinatingly beautiful was the only way

to describe the interior of that era.

Although an Arabian Desert Sunset

has some appeal for me, all that sand!

It’s everywhere! 🙂

My first time in Melbourne,

after dark and with a camera in hand.

The only editing has been brightening it slightly. 

I have seen many photographers who would

publish it in its original darker state.  


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Beauty




The Good Friday plans of many Parisians and tourists alike

were shattered on Monday when…

Notre Dame de Paris burned.

Approximately 30,000 people visit

Notre Dame de Paris everyday.

And likely thousands more visit

over the Easter period.

It is unlikely that any, of the many Easter services

and celebrations will be conducted

anywhere near Notre Dame, this year.

I think these are some of the statues of

the Twelve Apostles, plus four Evangelists,

which surrounded the Spire.

These had all been removed only

a day or two prior to he fire.

Today, Good Friday appears to bring some good news

as far as items saved are concerned.

Let us all be thankful for small mercies.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Easter



Reminiscent definition

If you say that one thing is reminiscent of another,

you mean that it reminds you of it.

Masaggie showed Taji at a very early age…

the best places for resting...


sleeping and….

how to sssstretch.

So when we see all these Maggie(isms)

we reminisce about Maggie.

Or do all Labradors behave like this.

We probably don’t want an answer to that question. 🙂

We see Taji doing things which Maggie did

and wonder did Maggie ‘teach’ Taji?

Or is it because Maggie and Taji were/are related?

We believe in the last option.

Maggie’s GGG and Taji’s GGGG were litter mates.

Small world?

One thing is for sure.

Maggie and Taji bonded almost immediately.

Maggie did not want to know

the little kelpie when she arrived.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Reminiscent