Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Signs


While cruising

Queensland’s Daintree River

a few years back…
…we noted a few signs of danger

lurking on the shore.

After the cruise we had to cross

the Daintree River

on this ferry/barge.

Although this crop is not very good,

one does get the idea that the sign is a warning

of crocodiles and swimming in the river.

Remain in your vehicle?  Really?

Who would get out on a

relatively sideless barge while crossing

a crocodile infested river.

Sadly, someone will.



4 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Signs

    • Yes agree. People’s homes are flooded, and ‘they’ should do something about it. Not we shouldn’t have built near a river. Houses are burnt in forest fires same reaction. And going back to the mid 90s I was attending quality control course to prepare wool clips to ISO 9000 standards. The trainer told us and I quote….’If you see contamination while there are other people around you have to act and removed that clips accreditation. Havever, is everyone has gone home put the contamination in your pocket and say nothing.’ True!!

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