Book Review-Fifty-Fifty



James Patterson


Candice Fox


I listened to the audio version of Fifty-Fifty and was not overly impressed with the narration by Federay Holmes.  Fifty percent of the story was an all-male cast and the other fifty percent contained only two female voices.  Harriet Blue was one of them.  I felt there was little modulation in her voice at times whereas my wife thought her voice was a good Australian voice which suited those characters.

Again I question how much James Patterson and Candice Fox wrote.  One half of the story sounded ‘heavy’ while the other half was ‘lighter, faster’….a different pace altogether.  Was the ‘heavy’ section trying to reflect the perceived voices of country Australians?  Who knows?

Moving on…..

Harriet Blue is a short-tempered city detective who is moved temporarily to a country posting because she punched a lawyer defending her brother, outside a courthouse.  At her country posting she befriends the local female police officer and together they solve a case while Harriet’s friends try to help her brother back in the city.  Therefore, a city and a country story to be solved.

Brother Sam has been accused of abducting and murdering several (university age) girls although he and Harriet both maintain his innocence.  More will trigger the spoiler alerts so I will desist from any further story line comments.

I enjoyed the Fifty-Fifty storyline.  However, I do think a male and female narrator would have added interest to the audio experience.

I have rated


 as aread.

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