Book Review-The-Ghost-Pattern

The Ghost Pattern


Leslie Wolfe

(Alex Hoffmann #4)

Book number four, The Ghost Pattern, is the best of the Alex Hoffman series to date.  Alex is still battling her Russian nemesis and the ‘war’ will rage on, no doubt, in book number five.

The Ghost Pattern sees an American airliner hi-jacked of with over four hundred and forty passengers and crew on board, many of whom are doctors returning from a conference in Japan.  And no prizes for guessing who the hijackers are.

Again The Ghost Pattern contained detailed descriptions of the Russian nemesis’ health and eating habits.  However, these passages did decrease as the story unfolded and made reading much easier and enjoyable.


There was also an incident early in the story which was mentioned only once thereafter, and that was by the villain when recalling his failures.  I was sure one of The Agency team would pick up on this and link it to their predicament.


The Ghost Pattern was the first Alex Hoffman book which kept me awake into the wee hours of the morning, reading ‘one more chapter’.     I think The Ghost Pattern could be made into and excellent movie for television or the big screen.  Some of the good guys were wealthy beyond belief and it was this wealth which funded everything at the drop of a hat.  Sounds a bit farfetched, however, isn’t that what makes a good story.

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Pre-dawn on Geelong’s

Corio Bay

a week or so ago.


One of Torquay’s Beaches.

Just right of this beach is Bell’s Beach

where the

Australian Easter Surfing Classic

is held each year.


Another Corio Bay sunrise.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  In-On-Water







Taupo Gardens…10My last post from these gardens in Taupo.

Both shots taken from the footpath.



Across the road next to our rental was

not one, but two of these cuddly pooches

alighting from a fairly small car,

along with their two human companions.

One more week in Taupo Gardens.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday