Not From the Pub Wall

Melbourne was brought to a standstill during

the past week by vegans protesting.

The Facebook response has been surprising and

At  the risk of upsetting many readers

I shall relate a comment made many decades ago.

The speaker/writer simply stated that

farming communities would live without cities,

but cities cannot live without farming communities.

Any food commodity I can think of has to

be ‘farmed’ to be grown in quantities large

enough to feed current populations.

Rather than let my farming background

run riot I will stop at that.  🙂


If the image is yours my apologies for

not seeking permission to use it. 

It is on my Facebook feed so

I assume everyone has seen it.



Friday Follies19-04-Ep13

This challenge hosted by Proscenium




Blue…my favourite colour.

Whether it is the blue skies of

Far North Queensland, or…

…flying into the Alaskan wild blue yonder

in our blue plane.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Blue





Two years ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary…

With a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne.

After the event we were  taken to

the Sofitel Hotel for breakfast.

 Prior to our arrival at the Sofitel

we were told to make use of the amenities/bathroom

because it certainly was a room with a view.

 Thank you for the inspiration Patti.



From the Sofitel men’s room,

there was a clear view of Rod Lava Arena…

…which tennis fans will be familiar with.

Also had a clear view of the Evan Walker Bridge…

…which I posted earlier in the week.


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