express one’s opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.

I used to work with someone who fitted

this description perfectly….especially

after a few glasses of amber fluid! 

One memorable day he stopped 15 or 16 people

in mid-conversation,

so maybe around 5-8 conversations,

to point out a dog sitting with its feet crossed. 

He continued to tells us that this

was a sign of a good dog as its owner

had trained it to sit in that manner. 


He was deadly serious!


So, every time I see one of my dogs

sitting with crossed front paws

I comment to MGW on

how well trained it is.  😀

 I have included these images of my poorly trained dogs…

simply to give you an idea of what I am speaking about.

 Both Candi and Taji are asleep however,

their paws are crossed in the same way.

I just could not find an image

of either one sitting with its paws crossed.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Pontificate 

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