I think it would be fair to say

that the loyalty shown by Labrador

to their human becomes

extremely tenuous when…

when a third-party is bearing gifts.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Tenuous 



It’s Autumn,

and a dry one at that,


Many of our plants are looking worse for wear

due to the dry start 2019 has brought us.

Our new cone-shaped Hydrangea

which looked like this a few months ago…


has changed colours…

and is providing a small splash of colour.

Agapanthus are over and done.



The Japanese Maples have also succumbed

and are nowhere near as happy as they are in this shot.

This one was blown over, pot and all,

during equinoxial gales a few days ago.

Roots protruding from the pot were broken

and it is really sad.

Just hope we can keep it going in a new pot

once it has shed leaves.

Remember the song lyrics….

See the tree, how big it’s grown 
But friend it hasn’t been too long 
It wasn’t big
I laughed at her and she got mad, 
The first day that she planted it
Was just a twig….”

Those few lines sum up this Japanese Maple.

It was a twig, which MGW nursed all the way

to a four foot potted plant.

Late March 2017, we had received some rain

and had high hopes that the newly installed turf

would send runners out and green up our back yard.

This year parts of our turf are suffering

and the runners have withered in the heat.

The only good thing about it is that

many others are in the same boat.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: In-the-Garden



I had some serious thoughts about what to include

and what not to include in my FOTD post.

We were told that all was real except for the pumpkins.

It wasn’t expressly stated…

whether these pumpkins were real 

or if it was movie pumpkins

which were not real.

There were two reason why I opted

to include the above photos today.

First it gives you an idea of how

the set looks today.  And second,

I believe those are cauliflowers,

or perhaps cabbages,

behind the wheel barrow.

Finally, a look at what  is to come.

Not many flowers but enough

to brighten the Hobbits’ front gardens.

And maybe to entice you to visit

Matta Matta

and the Hobbiton Movie Set.

New Zealand



Before I had joined a camera club I had never

heard anyone talk of level horizons.

I tried to correct this in Picasa and…

it looked okay (level) in Picasa, but not here.

Tried again in Photoshop…same result

What does intrigue me is the number of photos like this one,

which are posted like this, or…



like this in photographic forums.

And yes this photo is not in focus.

It was too dark to see that I had not

selected auto focus on my lens.

At least the photo was not a throw away.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Level