I’ve often looked at this photo and tried

to find a word which describes

the look on young Taji’s face.

Now I know.

It is pure envy.

And at such a young age.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Envy 





The new

Geelong Public Library


under construction.

I have yet to set foot inside the doors mainly

due to the fact that I borrow audio books online.



who have been encouraged to read…



and be themselves while still at school.

These last few shots are of

a secondary school library in Geelong.

Students are encouraged to come to the library

and it is open all day as opposed to

some school libraries which lock their doors

while students are at recess or lunch


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  For-Love-of-Reading-Books



Photos from all over.

LIft off at the Maun Airport in Botswana

for our late afternoon flight

over the Okavango Delta.



Many of our train carriages have

a ‘Made in Victoria’ stencil on the windows,

which has produced a nice shadow

for this image.



Recently I had a disappointing visit to

Lake Burrumbeet

Probably the wrong time of year

and not much water in it.


The highlight of my Lake Burrumbeet visit

was spotting this wallabies head directly

in front of my car.

Not a great shot but best in the time I had,

of it bounding through the

shadows of lakeside trees.





When Candi adopts this pose,

her gaze is fixed on one,

of two or three things.

First up she is waiting for her (fetch) rope to be thrown.

She is either gazing at the

thrower’s eyes, hands or the rope.

I try very hard to get her to run one way

then throw in the opposite direction.

I don’t catch her out very often.

It’s almost a game within a game.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Gaze