Today we were heading north from Whakatane

and the Ohope Beach / Opotiki region.

We came upon this hillside covered in

what we call Pampas Grass.

The bushy flowers do look attractive,

particularly with the sun behind them.

To the best of my memory pampas

is a noxious weed in Australia.

Somewhere near Paerora is the best

I can do for this image.

We were on our way to Matta Matta

and the Hobbiton Movie Set.

New Zealand

5 thoughts on “Cee’s-FOTD-Challenge19-0407-Onward-to-Hobbiton

    • It’s only about 14 hours to Sydney from Johannesburg and another three to NZ. Beautiful country. Were have rough plans to return and do another road trip around the South Island. When you visit if you are in the north Island and like gardening/gardens….you have to visit Hamilton Botanical Gardens. We had not heard of them until a local suggested, I just love locals and their knowledge, Images are on their way…… 🙂


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