Around the garden leaves are showing

signs of decay as our dry autumn continues

and days grow colder.

About fifteen minutes prior to sunrise last Friday

I captured this colour.


As sunrise drew nearer the sky colour decayed

into a rather drab effort for a sunrise.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Decay

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Steps


Below is an area of The Great Ocean Road,

near The Twelve Apostles,

known as Gibsons Steps.

I don’t recall seeing steps but people who were

on the sand materialised in the car park

in a short space of time.

Vatican steps.


Viennese steps.

These steps are near the beginning of

the Orakei Korako Geothermal walk…

1.8 kilometres and nearly 666 steps later

(there was some more around the corner)

we were nearly there.

My knees were protesting and they

screamed even louder when they saw we had

several flights of these stairs to and from our room.

That was the night we were offered a ground floor room.

And took it.





When Taji barks too loudly for no real reason

except to hear her own voice,

or has gone into the neighbour’s yard…

I will open a door or window and ‘suggest’

she goes to her kennel and show some ‘contrition’

I have just noticed she is tied up in this shot,

however this is the pose she adopts

until she thinks it safe to sneak out of her kennel.

Often enough time has passed and her mindset

is off whatever was causing

the earlier barking or misbehaviour.

And if anyone is worried about this type of training/discipline,

I should add that her tail usually wags

all the way to her kennel…and so does mine! 😀


Word of the Day Challenge:  Penitent