Maybe this is where Taji began

her behavioural idiosyncrasy.

Imagine her, if you will, with food she is enjoying. 

She finds ‘her’ spot on the lawn and

while continuing to chew lowers

her forelegs to the ground

leaving her rump pointing to the sky

as in this image.

After a few seconds,

when she is sure this is the spot to eat,

the rear end is slowly lowered to ground,

presumably to avoid breakages. 😀

We have never had, or seen, another

dog behave in this manner. 


Or is  it just a first for us?


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Idiosyncrasy



Photos from all over.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

October, 2018.

Het Zand Square Fountain,


street lights along

Het Zand Square,




Arras, Bell Tower

Lights were turned on at

approximately 2150 hours,

early June, 2017.

Arras Bell Tower,


Sunset somewhere in the

Inside Passage,


approximately 2130,

June 2018.





Still at Ohope Beach…

Some more pretty, in my opinion, flowers,

which may also be a pretty weed as

these are also growing

apparently wild on the dunes of… 

…Ohope Beach,

Bay of Plenty,

New Zealand