A little over 18 months ago father-in-law moved…

…into a retirement village.

This meant that there was over 50 years

of collectibles to be thrown out or sold.

I volunteered to do what I thought would be

a relatively easy job of photographing and

listing on local Facebook groups.

I hadn’t counted on the abuse

and ‘no-shows’ for pick-ups which

some people threw at me. 

Or those ‘morons’ sorry if a bit harsh,

who quickly wrote ‘Sold, I’ll take it”

and were never heard from again. 

Still, they say you are never too old to learn.

These last two were my ‘gems’. 

Eldest Grand-daughter took the Pentax…

…and I have this piece of history

tucked away somewhere.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Retro





At just over 16.9 degrees

South of the Equator,

I think Cairns

qualifies as tropical..

Our rail journey up to Kuranda took us

past many waterfalls, which

due to the wet season had

much more water flow than

any waterfall in Victoria does in April

As this excursion is billed as Skyrail we had

a return journey over tropical forests.


This trip was my first exposure to

the beauty of tropical plants.

I could not work out why every man

and his dog was frequenting this pool.

Our accommodation was about two blocks

from an unused beach.  Why unused?

Twice I wandered down to ‘our’ beach

wondering why no-one was using it.

Both times into the water about ankle-deep.

It was while leaving the beach, the second time,

that I noticed a sign which in not so many words

told me that crocodiles also used that beach.

I quickened my step never to return. 🙂





Also from Ohope Beach…

…these beauties were not as profuse as some others. 

However, these may also be a pretty weed as

those in my post a day or two back are.

From Ohope Beach,

Bay of Plenty,

New Zealand

Book Review-The-Watson-Girl

The Watson Girl

(Tess Winnett  #2)


Leslie Wolfe


The Watson Girl sees Tess has returning to work early, from leave, and immediately asked to interview a death row inmate, due for execution, for killing 34 families.

Does she become seduced by the killer’s demeanour and believe his claim?  During the interview she is told a few truths which make her question some findings of cold cases.

The Watson Girl was a slow starter and seemed to just get going when the villain of the story was given time to introduce himself.   The first villain chapter seemed to almost bring the flow of the story to a halt.  Through regular interludes with the villain readers are given a real insight into his depraved mind.  As the villain chapters progressed so too did my enjoyment of The Watson Girl.

As with all good thrillers the villain was not revealed until well into the book.  While busy wondering how the villain would be caught, slip up there was another unseen twist brewing in left field.

The Watson girl sees a subdued Tess Winnett back on the job.  She tries extremely hard to keep her tongue in check, but still has her moments.

I enjoyed The Watson Girl and rate it as a solid four star read.

Of the 3,660 Goodreads readers who rated The Watson Girl over 3,000 of those ratings have been 4 or 5 stars.  There has also been 42 one star ratings.

Goodreads readers have rated

The Watson Girl

an average of 

4.22 stars

from 3,962 ratings and 283 reviews 

 I have rated 

The Watson Girl


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The Watson Girl 

can be purchased online at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon