12 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Feast

      • While studying in the 90s I read how cheerful (early teens) son went to bed one night woke up next morning full of grunts, whatevers and so on. Put parents through hell. About five years later came out one morning …Good morning dad, how are you this morning?….as if the previous five years had not occured. 🙂

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      • All I can say is hang in there. HAve you ever read ‘Why first borns rule the world and last borns want to change it‘? It makes an interesting read for about $20. Michael Grose is the author. Amazon and Penguin books. And if you have an ereader, ipad or whatever, there is the Kindle version less than half price

        When our boys an their girls come to dinner…there are four first borns in the room.

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      • As long as they are the same gender the first to last applies assuming the age difference is no greater than around two years between any two. If you have a boy and a then a girl, they both exhibit first born traits…according to he author….and last born is the social butterfly.

        Your comment about all being equally at this point. Two or three years age difference between each birth and you have produced three first borns. 🙂

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