An Echo in the Bone

Outlander 7


Diana Gabaldon

An Echo in the Bone continues following the lives of Jamie and Claire Fraser and family.  This time the American War of Independence features highly.  The battles of Saratoga and Ticonderoga feature, with Wilmington and Lexington also being mentioned more than once.  According to Google this era was a turning point in the American War of Independence.

I found An Echo in the Bone a more interesting read than its predecessor.  Apart from war time adventures the Fraser’s finish up back in Scotland spending time with the Murrays at Lallybroch.  This visit, however, is a rather sad time as Jamie’s brother-in-law, Ian Murray, has an incurable illness.

On a positive note Young Ian also made the journey to Scotland and had some time with his father before he passed away.  With his father’s blessing young Ian departs Scotland for America to find the girl of his dreams.  Or perhaps it would be better to say he had found her it was just not official.  Young Ian’s biggest problem in his love life was that he fell in love with a girl of the Quaker faith.  After Ian’s time living with the Mohawks this could prove a problem.

I enjoyed An Echo in the Bone more than A Breath of Snow and Ashes which could have been many short stories loosely strung together.

Time travel and how 1770s Frasers communicate with their daughter in the twentieth century is stretching the bow a bit far, however it was an enjoyable read and I rated  An Echo in the Bone as a five star read.

I have rated

An Echo in the Bone


Goodreads readers have rated

An Echo in the Bone

an average of 

4.44 stars

from 100,339 ratings and 5,568 reviews 

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An Echo in the Bone

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At the time of writing my review Goodreads readers have rated An Echo in the Bone, an average of 4.44 stars, from 100,339 ratings and 5,568 reviews.

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