Book Review-Juror-#3

Juror #3


James Patterson & Nancy Allen


Juror #3, written by Nancy Allen and James Patterson was recommended to me by another Goodreads reader.  I listened to an audio version while working at my computer, completing the book in fairly quickly.


After going to school in small town Rosedale, Ruby returns to practice law.  Major difference is that she is no longer initially recognised as many of her peers have also moved on.

She is struggling to make ends meet and has not been a practicing lawyer for very long.  Told by a Judge, to represent an accused murderer does nothing for her reputation in a state where African-Americans are still thought of as second class citizens by some of the town’s folk.

Due to Ruby’s diligence she gets her client acquitted and six months later Ruby finds herself being called upon to defend her ex-fiancé who is also accused of murder.  This time she is perceived to be batting for the ‘upper end of town’.  However, by this time she has a partner and the accused is her partner’s nephew.  Confusing?  Small towns!

I enjoyed listening to Juror #3.  It was fast paced well narrated by Megan Tusing.  Kudos everywhere for the wonderful character voices…particularly Aunt Susanne.

James Patterson fans will love it.

At the time of writing Goodreads readers

Goodreads readers have rated 

Juror #3 an average of 3.83 stars,

from 6,180 ratings and 616 reviews.

I rated

Juror #3 a solidread.

Juror #3

can be purchased on-line at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon



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