Taupo Gardens…4Not a floral start to this week’s post,

but I figured we could all do with

some world peace.

Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to World Peace.

Google tells me he founded the

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in 1977.

Apparently there was, or are, runs/races

in Geelong in the name of Sri Chinmoy.

Which means one of two things;

that I am not  interested in world peace, or

that I am not that athletic.

I choose the latter. 🙂


Now that my level of athleticism has been established,

let’s move on to some hellebores.

And some rhododendrons…in bushes

the size of which,

I have never previously laid eyes upon

In late September sunshine…

…the blooms looked just as good close up.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




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