an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature,
that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users,
often with slight variations.

The following are my meme worthy photos…I  think.

I think because I am not too sure what constitutes a meme

In my opinion both these photos are ideal

because there is enough space to add text

and still have an interesting photo to go with it. 

The following are all my own photos.

Are these memes?

Could they be memes?

Carnations and  Mother’s Day.

Some tiny carnations in our garden

make an ideal background for

a Mother’s Day greeting.

In this instance white text also helps.


I didn’t realise how dull last year’s Christmas greeting was until now.

My 2015 Christmas, much brighter and happier.


A November blue sky creates an ideal and

ample area to add a message.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Meme-Worthy-Photos


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