Yesterday I posted an itching arm.

This morning around 1000 guess…

what it looked like?

Four or five stitches later and it was dressed

for the day…until around 1600 I noticed the

dressing had turned red.


Apparently I should have had my arm in the air all day.

Also the heat had not helped coagulation so I was told.

Now with anaesthetic wearing off a dull throb has developed.

Time for bed me thinks! 🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Guess

21 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Guess

    • I would say too much sun…especially now that they say it has a cumulative effect on us. I’m happier with it gone….just hope it is all gone as the doctor didn’t go as deep as she said she would. Was interesting to watch the process, though.

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      • I think that “interesting” is not how I would describe watching the process. 😅 The sun really can cause a lot of skin damage, some much worse than others. It just creeps up on one unawares and suddenly there’s something happening which shouldn’t be there. 😰


      • Melanoma…..April 29 2016 I was told I had an ‘atypical melanoma in my right eye’ on the retina. All suggested treatment could effect my vision so they proposed to remove my eye. Apparently that did not effect vision. A barrage of tests and it was decreed that I had sarcoidosis (not a ‘melly’) which can also make the retina look ‘odd’. I’m now nearly half way through a ‘come back in two years’ cycle. so far ‘touch ood’ nothing has changed apart from slight improvement in that eye. I hope your daughter is well, now. They, melanomas, are a nasty thing.

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