Book Review-Death-Mask


Death Mask

(Dr. Anya Crichton, #5)


Kathryn Fox




Death Mask was my fifth Kathryn Fox book according to Goodreads, and won’t be my last.

Death Mask commences with Dr Anya Crichton having a bride (Hannah) and groom of six weeks being referred to her to try and figure out why the bride has, not one but two, sexually transmitted diseases while her husband is clean.  One of Hannah’s aims in life was not to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend/fiancé until their wedding night.  Now six weeks later and no other males in her life she as two different sexually transmitted diseases!

Anya is the third medical professional to have consulted with Hannah and it is not until Hannah’s husband is coerced into leaving the room that the truth begins to unfold.  From there it doesn’t take Anya long for figure out the ‘how’ and ‘why’, disgusting as both may be.

Fast forward a week or two, and we find Anya in New York where she has been employed by the USA’s National Football League to investigate some players, their off field behaviour and particularly their behaviour with, or towards, women.


Anymore and there will be spoilers left, right and centre, so I will continue with kudos for the narrator, Jennifer Vuletic.  Although I only have television and movies for accent comparisons, I believe Jennifer Vuletic has narrated this novel extremely well.  And if, to New Yorkers, these accents are way off the mark, Ms Vuletic at least provided this listener with what I felt were clear character voices, which makes an audiobook so much more enjoyable.

As usual I enjoyed this Anya Crichton novel and rated it a three star read plus one more for the topic.

Death Mask

is a solid

star read.

At the time of writing my review,

Goodreads readers have rated

Death Mask

an average of 3.80 from 478 ratings and 59 reviews

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Death Mask

can be purchased on-line at 

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon

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