Taji is ecstatic when she is about

to be left off her chain.

It took some time to get her trained to wait

in her kennel and she still gets excited but knows

this is where she has to be if she wants a run. 

Mostly her ‘run’ involves a slow 20 metre trot

to the house where she will take up  a position

on the back verandah and sleep the day away if allowed.

This of course is another image of

a Labrador in a state of ecstasy


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Ecstatic



They say

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’

These items were found in a

Gold Rush era town museum…

..and nearly twelve months after taking his shot

I don’t know whether it is a roadside museum

or someone’s dwelling place.

In both photos I cannot see any items which are

of great interest and even if I was interested

they would not be housed in our house.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Junk



From the Geelong region this week.

This horse managed to isolate itself

from it mates a chow time.

Channel markers probably dot

the shipping channels of all Bays,

however this is as close as I have

ever been to one in Corio Bay.

On January 4 this year I ventured out for a sunrise shoot

only to find that the moon was also rising.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Isolated-Objects





For the past few years I  have been having ‘nasties’ removed

from my scalp, back and arms either with

a shave biopsy or a quick visit to a surgeon.

This one on my arm was biopsied about two or three weeks ago.

Last Wednesday there were little white growths in its centre

and it was decided to dig a bit deeper tomorrow, Monday.

By mid afternoon on Saturday it was

looking like this again…weeping.

It’s a determined little thing which I hope will be

totally removed within 24 hours.

If so the healing itch later in the week will have been worth it.

However, having been through that once already…..


Apologies for my personal medical history 🙂

However, itching wounds have been part of me lately.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Itching