Difficult to find spring photos this week.

However, here are some… 

taken in past Springs.


The Wattle/Acacia trees are our first signs of

spring being around the corner.



And it is often a long wait as they begin to bloom

in July/August depending on the variety.

Come September we will see paddocks covered

with yellow blankets of canola crops in bloom.

Just to set Google straight…

we do have horse paddocks in Australia,

although I once heard it said that someone

had a 500 acre horse paddock.

a small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised.

By I paddock I mean an enclosed area in which

livestock are kept or crops grown.

On our small farm I had paddocks ranging

from a couple of acres to eighty acres.





“a strong feeling of wanting to have something or
wishing for something to happen.”
“strongly wish for or want (something)”.

When I saw today’s theme was ‘desire’

I immediately thought of Labradors.

Their sole purpose in life is to desire:

to eat,

to please,

to sleep,

to play


Word of the Day Challenge:  Desire