I ventured down to the coast,

Point Lonsdale, to be precise,

for some winter sunset shots in July 2017.

The pick of the photos were these smooth surface

of the water thanks to long shutter speed.

More often the surface of the sea is more like this.





imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

In 2005 we had not envisioned that one day…

…this view would…

…a few short years later look like this.

We had just finished.

I had the gravel all nicely raked.

Then dear old Maggie decided to come and join in the chat.

And we had Labrador paw prints through

the middle of our raked gravel.

On the plus side with Labradors as pets

we will never waste time raking that gravel again.

In fact I never envisioned that she would

walk across a garden bed.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Envision