Throughout my youth I have heard freestyle

swimming called the Australian Crawl.

Until today I had never researched the term

to see if it was in fact correct.

Some say the freestyle stroke has been used since antiquity,

and certainly by Native Americans in 1844.

In 1873, John Arthur Trudgen took a trip to Argentina

and developed a crawl stroke mimicking the native South Americans,

but he used a wide and inefficient scissor kick, instead of the flutter kick.

This hybrid stroke became popular and was called the Trudgen stroke.

Australian, Richmond “Dick” Cavill, was inspired by

Solomon Islander Alick Wickham in the early 1900s.

Cavill experimented and developed a modified Trudgen stroke

which ultimately became known as the “Australian Crawl”.  

Charles Daniel is credited with adding the six-beat kick,

which further developed the stroke

into what some call the “American crawl”. 

Source: https://swimswam.com/the-origin-of-freestyle-the-australian-crawl/

Click here for more info about the-origin-of-freestyle-the-australian-crawl/

I think anyone who follows swimming will have heard of the Six Beat Kick,

however I have never heard it called the American Crawl.


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