I have only realised this week that none

of my Outlander reviews appear

to have been published on WoollyMuses.

Prepare to be inundated by Outlander reviews

over the next couple of weeks. 🙂


Outlander 0.5


Diana Gabaldon

Whilst an enjoyable novella, featuring Jamie and Ian from the Outlander novels, it was difficult to work out exactly where Virgins meshed with the Outlander series. Or, for that matter, why it was written. I fully expected Virgins to be slotted into the Outlander storyline. I will concede that I have only read four of the seven Outlander books, but I cannot visualise Virgins being part of future Outlander books, if for no other reason than the characters (Jamie and Ian) are much younger, and their Outlander personas are more developed, than in Virgins.

Still, after all that apparent negative comment, Virgins is a solid 3.5 star book for all the above reasons. As a novella and knowing the characters, I think it was an enjoyable read and worth 4 stars…which is about as high as I would go with novellas.

And after all my comments I have just noticed Virgins is Outlander book, #0.5, which is exactly where it should sit.

Read: August 2016 according to Goodreads.

I have rated



Goodreads readers have rated


an average of 

3.94 stars

from 9,785 ratings and 657 reviews

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can be purchased online at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon


2 thoughts on “Book-Review-Virgins-Outlander-0.5

    • Must be honest I cannot remember much of it. The review was written in 2016 and I thought all my Outlander reads were posted except for the last two. Like you I do enjoy thee Outlander books. As yet haven’t read anything but Outlander. They are long reads for a slow reader. 🙂

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