Book Review-Dawn-Girl

Dawn Girl


Leslie Wolfe

(Tess Winnett  #1)

Dawn Girl was a random, spur of the moment Amazon purchase but hopefully won’t be my last of Leslie Wolfe’s book.  Although to be honest, I didn’t like Dawn Girl…I loved it!

In fact I have read it twice simply because I had forgotten to write a review and had story lines blurred.  However, Dawn Girl was as good second time around as it was first time.

Dawn Girl is the media name given to a girl murdered and posed on the beach only a few yards away from where two teens were watching a sunrise.

FBI agent Tess Winnett is assigned the case.  Plagued by her own demons, Tess comes with a short fuse and an acerbic tongue, which, combined with her solitary nature and distrust of people, often lands her in trouble with local law enforcement as well as her FBI superiors.

She soon recognises that the murder is the work of a serial killer.  However, one body does not make a serial killer unless….there are other bodies.  At this point Tess commences a long lengthy task of proving her theory to her superiors.  In pursuit of the truth and a serial killer Tess often disobeys orders from her superiors.  Because she is right!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh look (for me) at the crime/thriller genre.  I have also read the other three Tess Winnett books and Leslie Wolfe’s story telling has held my attention all the way.

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Dawn Girl


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None of my domestic livestock had horns to photograph.

Thank goodness for Africa.

An Impala with an impressive set.

A pair of itchy…

…Giraffe horns.

Finally this horn appears to be too heavy to carry.

Or is it just sad because it is a Zoo rhino?

Safe from poachers but still in captivity.


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