I had intended to rush out and

take some fresh shots this morning.

But wind and showers dictated otherwise.

So, my landscape shot is the

Million Dollar View in Banff, Canada. 

Foreground to background is reasonably sharp

but by no means perfect. 

A higher f/stop would have produced a better result.

Camera settings:

Focal length: 18mm/27 (equivalent in 35 mm film)

f/stop: 6

Exposure 1/320

ISO: 400

This shot was aimed at getting a large DoF….

from the fence a far back as possible.

The fence and first two trees are okay, however,

there is some softness creeping in with the third tree

and the stump behind it.

Compare distance between each of these objects

with distances in the following photos.

Camera settings:

Focal length: 50mm/75 (equivalent in 35 mm film)

f/stop: 22

Exposure 1/640

ISO: 1600



Last weekend I did capture our

Queen Mum Agapanthus…

…some shallow Depth of Field.

I like this shot as the bee and the petal/stamen

it is standing on are in focus

while everything else is soft

in varying degrees.

Camera settings:

Focal length: 75mm/112 (equivalent in 35 mm film)

f/stop: 8

Exposure 1/640

ISO 160


This cropped version supports my above comments.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Depth-Of-Field





Taupo Gardens…1I don’t have a name for these gardens,

so all will be listed as Taupo Gardens.

The Lions Club monorail runs, or its track does,

through these gardens…

…and is literally ‘over the road‘ from Lake Taupo.

This garden bed is one of the first we captured…

…however it is not….

…a true representation… of the rest of this smallish garden.

…of the rest of this not so large garden.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Candi has speed…


…and agility.

However, every now and then Taji wants

to join in the game of fetch.



Both pooches want to bring the rope back

to us and occasionally it turns into a tug of war.

Candi can jerk and tug all she like,

while Taji simply leans backwards with

an ‘…I’ll show you..’ look on her face.

The  only one who thinks it may be a contest is Candi.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Strength