a surprising and previously unknown fact,
especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.

Taji the pup was encouraged and enjoyed…

playing with water.

As winter rains arrived and hand watering

was no longer necessary, we did not realise

that Taji and Candi were

still playing with water.

It was only when hoses began to show signs

of leaking at random places, via very small holes

and noticed that most of the 50 sprinklers

(that white thing on black plastic pipe,

bottom left corner, above)

were missing that we realised that the

game was being played in our absence.

A revelation to us.

And an even greater revelation to the dogs

when they were told no more chewing on said fixtures.

And at $6.50 per fitting I really didn’t care

how sad they looked knowing there was

no more play time with the sprinklers.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Revelation 

4 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Revelation

    • Yes! Of all the dogs/puppies I have ever owned or had anything to do with on the farm, I had never experienced puppy teething before. Obviously they must have had teething problems. However, they did not, to my memory, attack plastics. And there not so plastics available to them as these two had. Another thing is the my farm puppies were out and about and working from a very young age.

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      • That puppy looks a retriever (possibly?) and the are soft mouth hunting dogs who fetch birds without damaging them. They chew a lot indiscriminately. Learned the hard way with my dog as a puppy. She even chewed the training book I bought.


      • The pup is Taji, our Labrador who features here fairly regularly. When I discovered what they wee up to a cut a piece of poly pipe for them to chew. This also served as their training helper. A few rants a raves waving that around and they eventually got the message. It would have been too expensive if they hadn’t 🙂

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