When we moved off the farm and into what I call suburbia…

…we discovered that some things were still the same.

That is we still had to have a septic system

to process all wastes from the house.

This is the very beginning of what was

to become known as the “Poo-Pit”.

A 300 square metre garden bed/come effluent field.


We opted to install a water treatment plant…

…and from very humble beginnings our “Poo-Pit” has

grown into a reasonably well-developed garden bed

which comprises a myriad of plants and provides

some colour, even if only foliage, all year round.






African landscapes

Sundown on our last night in Africa, 2013.

Greater Kruger National Park.

From Lekhubu Island in the

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

North Eastern Kalahari Desert,



Kalahari Bash landscapes…


…after our overnight camp on Lekhubu Island.



Most of us agreed that this was what

we thought of when talking of

African landscapes. 

Still in the north-eastern area

of the Kalahari, on our way

to Maun, Botswana.


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I don’t know about other parts of the world,

but in Australia snakes are  protected species.

so when we found this little fella a few months ago

with either claw marks or flattened by our lawn mower,

we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

This paver is 40 cm (15 inches) square

so the snake is a about 20 cm (8 inches) in length.

I believe their venom is still as potent as an adult snake.

Either way I was glad we did not have

an inquisitive young dog attack it.

Won’t be long before they are on the move again

seeking winter warmth.

I could not get a definitive identification of it,

so I defined it as poisonous.

And in the front yard that makes it VERY poisonous.


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