Pouring concrete for a house slab.

Not the same house but didn’t look too good.

Because this was all that was left of

the Khama Rhino Sanctuary’s amenities in Botswana

when we visited  in 2014….

All the amenities were contained….

in temporary buildings during our overnight visit.

Construction  on a new version of this temporary building

had commenced and should be completed now.

Even the street we walked in Brugge was

under construction in 2016.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Construction







The Butterfly Gardens…2Victoria…

Vancouver Island…

British Columbia…


I think the Butterfly Gardens are

an and ideal addition to your

Butchart Gardens visit.


Situated about 5-10 minutes by bus from Butchart Gardens

the Butterfly Gardens provide a different experience.

Also a half hour or so is all that is required

to wander the comparatively small Butterfly Gardens.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday